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Things are moving swiftly, as they always do in the crypto world. After weeks of intensive discussion we are ready to disclose our tokenomics, but first meet Mr. Foxie, who will give you a detailed explanation of our tokenomics.

Greetings everybody!

Mr. Foxie here, let me tell you a story.  We like stories at editions.

We've decided to give the community 350,000,000 editions, i.e. 35% of the total token supply.

Let's break this down in various categories:

1. editions drops: 21.8% (Treasury wallet)

This consists of:

  • Airdrop #1 (February 2022)

  • Giveaways (ongoing)

  • Tips (ongoing)

  • Promotions (ongoing)

  • Voting/Donations (ongoing)

  • Stayking (until 13 July 2022)

  • Weekly Drops (until 30 June 2022)

2.  Drizzle: Proportional Drops: 13.2% (Treasury wallet)

There has been a lot of discussion regarding drops. So, we are introducing a new system. Proportional weekly airdrops based on your edition holdings. Which means your AD pool share will depend on the amount of editions tokens you hold!

How many tokens will be dropped?

A massive 132 million editions token dropped over the next 6 months, and each week the pool amount dropped increases by 5%. Starting with a pool of 2.3M in Week 1 and ending with a pool of 8.4M in Week 28.  Weekly drops will give everyone enough time to accumulate.


So, now moving towards the remaining 65% of total supply:

3. Team (15%) and Creators/Advisors (5%)

Team (15%): Founders x 2, Head Developer, Chief Editor, Creative Director.
Creators/Advisors (5%): Creators and Advisors will be invited to join editions for different roles.

4. Partnership: 10%

Long term partnership established before launch of the project (October 2021) to assist, provide and instruct editions in the start-up, development, contracts, intellectual property (IP) and foreign rights.  

5. Operations: 25% (Treasury wallet)

Development and Maintenance of the editions Platform, Legal Advice, Accounting (the boring stuff), Central Exchange Listings (CEX), Marketing, Subscriptions, Additional Staking Pools.

6. Sponsorships: 10% (Treasury wallet)

We are all about creating and supporting new emerging talents in the publishing space.  It is difficult to break into the existing publishing world as a creator (writers, illustrators, editors, book designers, animators).  Editions will provide sponsorships to take unpublished creators to get their first publishing contract. They will be published though our digital publishing studio, and then join our NFT marketplace to sell their creations.

Token Drip Sales

Tokens will be sold via the Operations wallet on a drip sell mechanism, which will provide XRP for development, maintenance, legal, accounting, CEX listings and marketing. This drip sell mechanism only sells on positive price pressure and never market sell, and will only put in limit orders 0.5% or less of the wallet holdings. Any partnership token drip sales are limited to 0.1% or less.

editions Accounts:

Treasury: rPXAiAq5uaCsWBZy98axJBMZfxgChRViGP

Team/Creators: rMbgWizasLLqw7wZtkNQHpZnvHvvw3LNzm

Airdrops 1:​ rGWsmD5BXP7xN8FaUqhmX7ihPwCy57ofe2

NFTs: rDoPch8QnBGvWg47veiNzwn2AvncRAibo7


Shares Accounts:

StaykX: rSTXzvkJPeW9kxrUGaPqeW9RzDk1XKgyY

non-editions Accounts:

Partnerships: rL2sFhWn3kVRx4R8uoPDVsyFhMC1gupz6a

Airdrops 2: rExkdfRw6HRyhg6w24myVNu4ppUmfgY3i6

We're still in the early stages, so suggestions are always welcome. We'll keep doing random prizes, puzzles, and other interesting stuff, and we hope you'll join us on this incredible adventure. I was given the task of providing you a detailed explanation about our tokenomics and now it's time to say goodbye.

I will meet you again.

Signing off,
Mr. Foxie.

My lord fox Demelsa Haughton small 72 dpi.jpg
Mime fox Demelsa Haughton small 72 dpi.jpg
The joker ox Demelsa Haughton small 72 dpi.jpg

Xumm Wallet Trustline

Xumm logo .png

Click the photo to setup the éditions. trustline on your XUMM Wallet



Use the following information to setup the Editions trustline on the XRP Toolkit

Issuer: rfXwi3SqywQ2gSsvHgfdVsyZdTVM15BG7Z

Currency: 65646974696F6E73000000000000000000000000

Limit: 1000000000

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