NFT Marketplace

editions NFTs are going to be available on three fantastic NFT Marketplaces: nftmaster, OnXRP and RaDical-X.

Why three NFT marketplaces?
Because we have three different business use cases and we want to maximise the benefits that each offer:

1. nftmaster: onboard publishers and to mint their NFT e-books.

2. onXRP: onboard creators through the editions Publishing Studio.

3. RaDical-X will be utilised for listing NFTs from collaborations between editions and cyndicate members.

Each marketplace offers benefits suited to the three different business cases.

1. nftmaster
- Focused solely on the NFT marketplace and working closely with partners to expand and build additional functionality and utility that are specific to their industry (e.g., publishing).
- Do not have their own token, so focused solely on the marketplace.
- Ability to purchase NFTs with editions, XRP and fiat currency.
- You own the wallet that you mint from. They don’t require you to mint from a wallet owned by their marketplace.
- Fixed rate fees (no %).
- Location based NFTs (e.g., bookstore launch location of first edition)
- NFT analytics (price history, collection analytics, automatic scraping of Twitter/XUMM,/Bithomp, ledger wide search of NFT/collection/account).

editions nftmaster Marketplace

2. OnXRP ($OXP)
- Leveraging the platform's Pastel integration.  Pastel brings certifiable authenticity and permanent storage for NFTs.

- Leveraging the onXRP P2E launchpad.  
- A high degree of social media coverage.
- The ability for editions to write specially catered project articles posted on the onXRP Telegraph.
- A spotlight on the onXRP NFT Marketplace

- The continuous expansion of the onXRP ecosystem will bring added benefits not yet known.

3. RaDical-X ($RDX)

- Smart contract capabilities.

- Cyndicate collaborations (32 members).
- Accelerated awareness.

- Art Gallery in Virtual Reality.
- Some NFTs tied to $RDX passive income.

Links to NFT marketplaces coming soon.