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Oh hello there ...

Petit Foxes

From our first series of NFTs

inspired by the picture book



Shadow and The Girl 


Illustration: ©Demelsa Haughton 

Illustrated Stories

On the XRPL

"Everyone Loves a Story"

Books, above and beyond the bookshelves

éditions is a curated NFT marketplace created exclusively for professional authors and illustrators. It is the first marketplace of NFTs based on published picture books, illustrated books, and well, all books.  The marketplace introduces solutions in contracts and sustainability in royalties payments. Partnerships with other publishers will add additional content for NFT enthusiasts.

éditions is a digital publishing studio, where existing published creators and unpublished emerging talent can be published.  All creators are encouraged to apply. If accepted and subsequently published, their work will be available on the NFT marketplace.
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Coming soon

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Our goal is to ...


  • create a blockchain based ecosystem aimed at offering a seamless NFT marketplace for published illustrators, authors and publishers in general.

  • create a digital publishing studio for both unpublished emerging talents and published creators.

  • offer tools to creators and developers to navigate and understand this new space, to create new avenues of revenue and secondary sales royalties.

  • create a space for fans to collect  NFTs.

  • build storylands for our published books in Minecraft. https://www.ezpzxrp.com/ Connection string: zerpcraft.apexmc.co



Who is it for?

  • Published Illustrators

  • Published Authors 

  • Professional Animators

  • Publishers

  • Avid Readers

  • Fans & Collectors

  • Emerging Talents

éditions. Marketplace

Published illustrators and authors, publishers, fans and investors under the same umbrella.


for Creators

Published Authors and Illustrators, as well as Animators are invited to join the éditions marketplace to create NFTs based on picture and illustrated books content.

NFTs based on existing picture books will allow to expand revenue for all creators.

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for Publishers

Publishers can join the éditions marketplace to mint NFTs based on their picture and illustrated books.


Publishers can create unique, digital versions of existing titles.

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for Fans & the Community

Collectors, fans, or investors can access the best of picture and illustrated books based NFTs. 


Imagine an alternative  version of your favourite book, with a new cover, or even a different ending!

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Blockchain Solutions

for Publishers

A solution for publishers to manage contracts, foreign rights sales, and royalty payments with ease and transparency.

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Authors Illustrators Animators

  • Expand revenue from existing work

  • Instant payment 

  • Wider international exposure 

  • Secondary markets payments

  • Tracking of ownership

  • Additional creations

What's in it for you?

XRPL Community


  • Endless NFTs possibilities

  • Unique phygital collector items

  • Interaction with the creators

  • Authenticity of work

  • Ease and speed of purchase and resale

How do

Publishers benefit?

  • Endless NFTs for each title

  • Expand revenue per title

  • Instant payment

  • No royalty statements

  • All publishers invited to the Marketplace

  • Wider international exposure

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BENEFITS at a glance

  • Royalties - instant payments
  • Track copyright & ownership information
  • Fast and transparent transactions
  • Decentralised 
  • Secure & reliable
  • Low transaction fees
  • Easy to set up
  • Additional revenue options
  • Sustainable publishing
  • Secondary sales





Creation of

éditions TOKEN

28 Nov 2021



'Everything starts from a dot.'

(Wassily Kandinsky)

And ends with a dot too.




Equal airdrop to all trustlines 

(bots and farmers excluded)

Snapshot date

21 Feb 2022 

Airdrop 1.0 date

28 Feb 2022 




Weekly airdrops

for holders that exceed or equal the weekly threshold.

Start: April 2022

End: October 2022

Stayking (www.staykx.com) with editions/STX pairing

rewarded in editions

Start: April 2022

End: October 2022

NFT Marketplace and Collaberations




THE éditions NFT Marketplace

TARGET:  Q3 2022

depending on XLS-20d development and approval.

Collaborations with other Blockchain projects and artists.
TARGET: Q3 2022


Sponsorships and Publishing Studio



SPONSORSHIPS: Onboard first Creators

TARGET: Q3 2022 

Launch: Digital Publishing Studio

TARGET: Q3 2022

Creation of Storyland in Minecraft (Zerpcraft server)

TARGET: Q1 2023

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